6/25/20242 min read

a glass jar filled with coins and a plant
a glass jar filled with coins and a plant

Just in case somebody wonders how I make my money, or how filthy rich I am, here's the answer:

I have multiple income streams and no, I'm not as rich as I was once, not because of the economy or financial blunders, but because I don't really bother, nor care to. Plus - why not? - I like to spend on stuff. Cool stuff.

I've never been someone to run after money, no matter what. I just went with the inspiration. If I felt to venture into the business world, I did. If not, I was equally happy - if not happier - just to be an artist. Even if that meant making much less money. However, even then, I had multiple streams of revenue, considering the royalties from my creative work and dividends or rent from properties I owned.

Now, despite of what's going on in the world and gloomy financial forecasts, I am at a point in life where I want to make it as smooth and fun for myself as it can be. Maybe I could retire, but I like to be active in a creative, meaningful way. Didn't I mention I like to go with the inspiration?

I may take a job or a client, but only if I like the environment, the person, or what I'm doing. I have to enrich my soul and mind first and foremost, otherwise it's not for me. But what I prefer to do is my own thing. And thanks to the internet that keeps taking the middlemen out of business, I have been doing just that for 25 years.

Right now, I focus on what is most fun and easy for me to do: dropshipping, stocks, crypto, precious metals, and content creation. And if you also wonder what are my preferred platforms, here they are:

  • Appscenic, for dropshipping, the #1 B2B2C Marketplace, both for wholesalers and retailers.

  • Stash (more beginner friendly) and Moomo (with sooo much better perks) for stocks.

  • Coinbase for crypto, where you have fun and get paid in crypto for learning about crypto... Isn't that something?

  • Acre Gold for... Obviously, gold. Where anyone with at least $50/month to spare can subscribe and quickly accumulate the precious metal over time.

  • Hostinger for my websites, the best I could find, both as features and pricing. And, of course, I also spread the content I create on all the social media platforms that matter.

More about all the above and other platforms in future posts.

This was a glimpse into my money multiplying formula. Now some may sleep better at night or not after knowing what's in my wallet and where it's coming from. However, keep in mind I provide information and not financial advice. Just so you can get another honest opinion among others, before you dive into the mirific realm of self-employment - a wonderland where methods come with risks, but you are the one to make the miracles and, if you do, reap the rewards.

Happy playing entrepreneur!