6/5/20242 min read

person standing near the stairs
person standing near the stairs

You know how it is on a Monday morning, when barely feeling awake, your boss is already set to drain all the energy out of you? And the weaker you feel, the more vigorous and more relentless your boss becomes? You made someone's day by being late again, for a minute and a half. And now it costs you dearly. Only daydreaming about the day when you won't have to clock in and out any more may prevent the last drop of energy from leaving your body. Under your boss's scrutinizing demeanour, you have a radical thought - why not shatter the micromanagement walls and let your inner nonconformist finally shine?

If your boss is the embodiment of the corporate yes-person, having that thought is the ultimate proof that you're able to win this one. Not by confrontation, but by stepping out into the life you always wanted. You may say it's impossible but, in reality, it's not. Your employee life is the impossible. You're like water trying hard to mix with oil, instead of flowing. Otherwise, you'd always be on time, finding joy and excitement in a workplace with a tensed atmosphere and where everybody is fake. You are always late, no matter what, not because you don't want to be there - bills won't pay themselves - but because that's not where you belong. 

People like your boss are relics of the past, individuals possessing what seems like a supernatural ability to keep all their higher-ups content. And that's how they get by, climbing the corporate ladder to the very top. Despite their utterly poor performance and taking credit for someone else's work. It's not a skill, it's a genetic inheritance. Humanity's adaptation to millennia of abuse comes in different shades. Once you understand that, your perception changes. You can only pity the poor narcissist in front of you. Your boss may think you're immature for not being on time. You, on the other hand, will know your boss is immature, for not realizing that times have changed.

So, how can this person help you reach your potential? Figure out your own path and your own enterprise. But until then, find another workplace and another boss. One who can be your mentor and lead by example, or one who, at least, won't hold you back. There are plenty of them out there who are good people. They are just keeping a low profile. Whether because they also have bills to pay or because they already understood that value doesn't come from competing with others but with yourself.